book cover lumenus 200x132

deel 6 The Book of Lumenus
auteur Bart van der Lugt
formaat 152 mm x 229 mm
ISBN 978-1-910889-32-9
aantal blz 118
prijs €46.99
uitgegeven in  2017
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Book content:
basic principles
creating lighting quality
everyday practice
the restricted bèta-section


The book of Lumenus is written primarily for the layman with a basic interest in physics and public lighting. This means that the various subjects are presented in a descriptive way, that is, without graphs, equations and the like. Furthermore, the contents of this book are not just limited to the typical lighting issues. It also includes the observation process and is provided with anecdotes from the practical experience of the author himself to clarify the implications of everyday practice. Furthermore, on a number of subjects the book offers an explanation with respect to content. This makes the Book of Lumenus also interesting for lighting experts.